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Warner Bros. purchased the script with a view to casting Frank Sinatra in the lead. Sinatra was 55 at the time and since the character of Harry Callahan was originally written as a man in his mid-to-late 50s , Sinatra fit the character profile. Initially, Warner Bros. wanted either Sydney Pollack or Irvin Kershner to direct. Kershner was eventually hired when Sinatra was attached to the title role, but when Sinatra eventually left the film, so did Kershner.

  • By December 17, 1970, a Warner Bros. studio press release announced that Clint Eastwood would star in as well as produce the film through his company, Malpaso.
  • Believing the character was too "right-wing" for him, Newman suggested that the film would be a good vehicle for Eastwood.
  • Glenn Wright, Eastwood’s costume designer since Rawhide, was responsible for creating Callahan’s distinctive old-fashioned brown and yellow checked jacket to emphasize his strong values in pursuing crime.
  • Gonzalez intervenes, and gets shot in the chest.

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Warner Home Video owns rights to the Dirty Harry series. The studio first released the film to VHS and Betamax in 1979. Dirty Harry has been remastered for DVD three times – in 1998, 2001 and 2008. It has been repurposed for several DVD box sets. Dirty Harry made its high-definition debut with the 2008 Blu-ray Disc.

After Sinatra left the project, the producers started to consider younger actors for the role. Burt Lancaster turned down the lead role because he strongly disagreed with the violent, end-justifies-the-means moral of the story. He believed the role and plot contradicted his belief in collective responsibility for criminal and social justice and the protection of individual rights. Marlon Brando was considered for the role, but was never formally approached.

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After assisting in preventing a suicide, Harry and Gonzalez learn that Scorpio has murdered a 10-year-old African-American boy. Based on his letter, the police think that Scorpio’s next victim will be a Catholic priest, and set a trap for him. Scorpio eventually arrives, kills a police officer in the shootout that follows, and flees.

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Scorpio pays a man $200 to beat him severely and frames Harry for it, forcing Harry to stop following him. Gonzalez intervenes, and gets shot in the chest. Harry uses a concealed knife to stab Scorpio in the leg, but he escapes. Gonzalez tells Harry he’s not cut out for police work and plans to become a teacher instead. Harry learns of Scorpio’s hospital visit and a doctor reveals to him that the killer lives in a room at Kezar Stadium. Harry finds him there and chases Scorpio, shooting him in the leg.

By December 17, 1970, a Warner Bros. studio press release announced that Clint Eastwood would star in as well as produce the film through his company, Malpaso. Harry tortures Scorpio into confessing where Ann Mary is being held, but the police only find her corpse. An outraged Harry continues to shadow Scorpio on his own time.

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