Comic-Con 2012 – HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” Panel

Comic-Con 2012 - HBO's "Game Of Thrones" Panel

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Comic-Con 2012 was abuzz with excitement as fans eagerly awaited HBO’s “Game of Thrones” panel. The highly anticipated event drew in a massive crowd, all eager to hear from the show’s creators and cast members. As the panel began, the audience was treated to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and sneak peeks of the upcoming season. The cast members, including Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, and Peter Dinklage, shared their experiences filming the show and answered fan questions with humor and wit. The atmosphere was electric as fans cheered and applauded their favorite characters and moments from the series. Overall, the “Game of Thrones” panel was a highlight of Comic-Con 2012 and left fans eagerly anticipating the next season.