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Lexi luna bruce venture Wicked brown-haired perfection Lexi Luna gets intensely pene

She was born with brown hair and brown eye, just like any normal child. She was even thought of as a nerd and attended advanced classes, dance classes, and played a few instruments. She didn’t just grow up like a normal kid, she had an above-average childhood, good grades and all. She has long legs to go with this and a round full backside. And she weighs 134 lbs or 61 kg, give or take a few kgs rather on the high side but considering that her bust account for a sizeable percentage of this, not many will complain. Lexi Luna is a happy ending star who came onto the stage rather late but who has continually waxed strong in efforts and reach.

Lexi Luna - Fuzzy Peach | Picture (62)

Lexi Luna is 5 feet 7 inches tall

Indianapolis could be her true birthplace but we have no way of knowing with total certainty her place of birth, so we are going with Miami which has the strongest links in her story.