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Playing Heads Up with Ellen - Vanilla Celebrity

Playing Heads Up with Ellen

Playing Heads Up with Ellen

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In this Reddit post, a user named MrJellyBeanTV1991 shares a video titled “Playing Heads Up with Ellen.” The video features Emilia Clarke, the actress known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, participating in a game of Heads Up with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show.

Heads Up is a popular game where players have to guess words or phrases based on clues given by their teammates. In this video, Emilia Clarke joins Ellen on stage and they both engage in a fun and entertaining round of the game. The audience can be heard cheering and laughing as the two celebrities try to guess the words and act out the clues.

The video showcases Emilia Clarke’s playful and charismatic personality as she interacts with Ellen and demonstrates her quick thinking and improvisation skills. Fans of Emilia Clarke and Ellen DeGeneres will enjoy watching this lighthearted and humorous segment.